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The first ever ‘Live Content Marketing World, The European Edition 2020′ has ended, but that doesn’t mean it stops here!

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Do you remember these Keynote Quotes from the live stream sessions? 

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Robert Rose – Architecting Desire: a new strategy for content marketing for the next ten years.

Although this year everything changed, we as content marketers still have the same purpose: ‘reach audiences, move audiences, build audiences!’ But we face challenges, like; less time, content must matter now more than ever and making the online experience as memorable as the offline experience that we know and love. Brands … prove you value!


Joe Pulizzi – Where do we go from here? Disney, diversification & the new marketing business model.

Brands should not only think about their business model but also align their content strategy accordingly. M&A your way to success by owning the platform not renting it! Excel at contact, content, communication and in the overall experience, your audience expects nothing less.


Jay Baer– Courageous content: 6 ways to get noticed amidst the noise.

It takes courage to do something differently, to eschew best practices, to rip up your content marketing playbook. Courageous content is more important than ever, Jay says, for one very important reason. “The audience is the new algorithm. (Ask) ‘How can I make content that my audience will talk about?’”


Paige O’Neill – Human connections in a digital world: discover the strategies that define successful digital brands. 

Contact and really connecting with your audience is now even more important than ever before. Know, like and trust should become know, LOVE, trust and talk about lovingly … “My brand understands me!” Lead with your heart, be human and create empathy not just content.


Andrew Davis – Limit Less: How Successful Brands Increase Their Revenue, Generate More Leads, and Spread Their Message in a Crowded Marketplace

The world doesn’t need another expert. It does need visionaries. “The key to making the leap from expert to visionary is to do one simple thing: Ask a question that Google cannot answer”


Christi Olson & MJ DePalma – Embracing the Non-Binary Marketing Mindset

Brands often are unconsciously biased. We think we know what our audience needs, likes or wants but these are more often than not perceptions based on our own subconscious preferences. ‘An inclusive, human-centered approach to your marketing and content strategy ensures more ethical output by design and drives trust.’ So… be more inclusive. It’s a great trust driver, pushes the loyalty limit and boosts purchase intent!


Lee B. Judge– Be Content

Content that meets the need for human connection nourishes best of all, says A. Lee Judge. Fake news aside, audiences need to be able to interpret the authenticity of the content they consume. That’s why we need to be the content that your audiences consume. Walk the walk and talk the talk. You have to be “not just willing to tell the story, but to be the story.”

And many, many more ….

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