Content Marketing World 2021, The Europe Edition

The 2021 edition of Content Marketing World, The European Edition (September 28-29, 2020) will be a 100% virtual event.

With the help of Content Marketing Fast Forward in Amsterdam, Content Marketing World, The European Edition, will include four inspirational CMWorld keynote presentations plus additional content and context during the live talk shows. Those shows will feature marketing experts from across Europe discussing key takeaways from CMWorld 2021 keynote presentations, as well as topics and trends in the European market.

The event is supported by a network of dedicated expert partners in the various European countries.

Enjoy the best speakers and experts covering every aspect of content marketing and join this vibrant and international content marketing community.


How much does it cost to attend Content Marketing World 2021 – The European Edition?

The 4 keynotes with European expert panels are offered for free to the marketers in the European time zones. As travel form Europe to the USA is not possible yet, we aim to deliver part of the CMWorld experience to your work or home environment.

Please visit the keynote speakers page, or the keynote program page for more information.


Will you offer live streaming and moderation, and in which European time zones?

The entire event is online, and we provide live moderation around the CMWorld keynote stream during both days (September 28-29, 2021).

As CMWorld is the largest content marketing event on the planet, the online experience presents a few time zones challenges AND opportunities. All 4 sessions are planned during European afternoon and early evening times.

Please visit the keynote program page for more information. All times are displays in CEST. Please modify for BST / WEST or EEST if needed.


How do I register?

You can book your ticket for one or more of the 4 sessions via the central booking page, or you can visit the European overview page and select your country by clicking in the interactive map. You will find all the details for your country there. All tickets are processed via Zoom.


Will I receive event updates?

Yes, we will send emails periodically to update you on the agenda, and logistics.


What is the difference between “Content Marketing World” and “Content Marketing World, The European Edition”

“Content Marketing World, The European Edition” is a dedicated online concept in which we embed a section of 4 main keynotes of “Content Marketing World” in a European Talk Show format. Experts from countries across Europe will join the online meeting and share their perspectives on the keynote topics and general market(ing) trends.

Should you be looking for the main Content Marketing World website instead, please follow this link.


I still have questions and none of these FAQs help …

For questions regarding your attendance at Content Marketing World, please contact us directly at supportdesk@cmworld-theeuropeanedition.com .

For media inquiries, please contact us directly at press@cmworld-theeuropeanedition.com