Courageous Content: 6 Ways to Get Noticed Amidst the Noise

Are you surrounded by content, but starved for impact? Does your content program feel more like an assembly line then a deft execution of a customer-focused marketing strategy? Do you yearn to produce content that creates conversations, not just clicks? If so, you’re a candidate for Courageous Content.

Courageous Content only exists you have the guts, grit, and gravitas to make something that simply MUST be noticed.

In this inspirational and motivational new presentation from Hall of Fame speaker Jay Baer, you’ll discover that every organization (even yours) is capable of creating Courageous Content. You’ll learn the three truths inherent in every piece of Courageous Content – regardless of format. And, you’ll uncover the six specific types of Courageous Content and how/why each produce breakthrough success.

Filled with poignant – and often hilarious – real-world examples of Courageous Content for both B2B and B2C, this presentation will become your rallying cry for the balance of 2020, and beyond.


  • Why most content fails
  • The Definition of Courageous Content and why it succeeds (more than ever)
  • The 3 truths possessed by every piece of Courageous Content
  • The 6 types of Courageous Content and which are most right for your organization

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