Creating Authentic Content for a $1.5 Trillion Audience

Fifty-five percent of millennial moms are asked for their opinion about purchasing decisions, compared to 39% of total moms. But while black mothers have an enormous spending power and over-index in a number of CPG categories, three out of four moms still say companies have no idea what it’s like being a mom. We’ll connect the dots for brands between them and a consumer who might not even be on their radar… black millennial moms. We’ll dig into each take-away point with data and case studies.


  • Hire a diverse marketing team … and empower them. Turn to freelancers and influencers to also generate content.
  • Respect the candor and blunt nature of black millennials on social media. Adopt these attributes for your brand messaging.
  • Learn why the lack of diversity in the marketing and advertising industry isn’t the only problem. Generational shifts in consumer backgrounds exacerbates the divide between brand managers and minority consumers. Case in point: The generation with the largest consumer spending power to date (millennials) is also a generation that is more diverse than its predecessors.

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