How to Lower the Three Drawbridges of Content Success

Approximately zero percent of customers are sitting quietly, hoping for more brand-created content to be thrust upon them. To win with content in 2021 and beyond you have to realign your thinking, and your expectations. Instead of assuming content will succeed, and trying to avoid mistakes that would cause failure, you now must assume your content will fail, and make CERTAIN you pass the three tests required for content to gain lift-off.

These tests are the “Three Drawbridges of Content Success.” Your customers constantly have their hands on the levers, deciding when and whether to drop the bridges and let you in to their hearts, minds, and wallets.

This fast-paced and funny presentation from Hall of Fame keynote speaker and author Jay Baer (founder of Convince & Convert) will entertain you, inspire you, and scare you. You’ll be scheduling a team meeting for Monday, to rework your content marketing strategy.

  • How technology (and the pandemic) has shifted consumer attitudes towards brand content.
  • Why the key to content success can’t be found inside a tech platform.
  • The Three Drawbridges for content success that you must convince your audiences to lower.
  • The optimal sequence to approach the 3 drawbridges.
  • Scenarios where you may be able to win with only two bridges lowered


S2: Strategy
Location: Date: 29/09/2021 Time: 20:50 - 21:10 Jay Baer