Tiny Actions Over Time: How You Can Make a Difference with Diversity.

It’s the topic that you and your team keep talking about quarter after quarter. It’s the question senior executives are asking. It’s the marketing challenge (and opportunity) that’s not going away.

“How can we better serve multicultural audiences — while also growing market share in this multi–billion-dollar-and-growing market segment?

Your audience isn’t homogeneous, and one-size-fits-all marketing messages don’t work. So what’s a busy content marketer to do when you’re trying to craft campaigns that engage the masses but still feel personal, and you’ve got limited time frames and budgets to work with? The answer is simple – model what’s already working!

Join Sydni Craig-Hart, CEO of the award-winning content marketing consultancy, Smart Simple Marketing, as she provides some case study examples from Google and other big brands, on “what’s working now” and how to infuse a new level of authenticity into your marketing campaigns, drive demand and increase sales by leveraging education-based marketing to connect with diverse audiences. She’ll dissect powerful case studies to surface pragmatic strategies you can implement immediately into your campaigns.


* A three-part proprietary framework to execute a powerful multicultural marketing strategy
* What these audiences want you to know that you’re not asking
* The costly misperceptions that (left unchecked) will damage your reputation and kill your ROI

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